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Newborn Photoshoot - Les Soufflet

Bébé Soufflet

Bébé Soufflet was born in early 2019, we are loving her to pieces and thoroughly enjoying seeing her grow everyday. The first three months were such a blur and only at the six month mark did I feel like my life was (somewhat) back…

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Our Maternity Photos

Five months postpartum, and I’m finally getting around to posting our maternity photo session. I actually started writing this post before Bébé Soufflet was born, but never got around to publishing it. I love how these photos turned out and I’m so happy we…


News For The New Year

The Frenchman and I are excited to announce that we are expecting an addition to Les Soufflet! It is a new chapter in our lives and it has us both nervous and excited. As we’re about to set foot in uncharted territory (at least…

Fishing at Ventura Beach
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Life Lately

Life has been moving quickly in the past few months. We went to France in September (posts on France coming soon) and it’s been nonstop since then. A major change in the past few weeks is the fact that we decided to move and…