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Planning a destination wedding in France: Pros & Cons

It’s #weddingwednesday!  I’ll be posting about our destination wedding France on Wednesdays (realistically, twice a month).  As an event and wedding coordinator, it’s fun for me to share the process and I hope I can help out couples who are planning their wedding (destination…

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Deciding where to have our French wedding

When the Frenchman and I got engaged, there was no question of where we would get married — France. We chose France because it’s the Frenchman’s home country with a majority of his friends and family still living there and I also knew our…

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What we bring back from France

The Frenchman and I go to France at least once a year to visit family and friends and before we come back, we always have a list of must-buy items to bring back.  Typically we spend an afternoon at Monoprix (France’s equivalent to Target)…