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Our Engagement Session at Château de Villandry


This time last year, we were on a jam packed trip in Europe. First stop was a trip to Ibiza to celebrate the wedding of one of the Frenchman’s best friends, and then back to France to take care of our own wedding plans which included seeing our wedding venue for the first time, meeting all our vendors, and taking our engagement photos. Here are a few photos and our memories of our engagement session.

Engagement Session at Chateau de Villandry

It was an overcast June day, not uncommon in the Loire Valley. The Frenchman and I were running from one wedding vendor to the next… and running late to every appointment. So much to do, so little time.  Because our time in France was so limited we had packed in lots of meetings over the course of the two days we were there.

We were set to meet Alexis (our wedding photographer) and Mickaël (our videographer) for our engagement session. Alexis had chosen Château de Villandry for our photos. Château de Villandry is one of the most visited chateaux in France and is famous for its beautiful Renaissance gardens. There are the vegetable gardens on the lower level, the ornamental gardens on the middle level and the water gardens at the top. The ornamental gardens, which are laid out in formal patterns, are the most breathtaking and can only be fully appreciated when viewed from above.

Suffice to say, we were running late to the engagement session (our last appointment of the day) and by the time we arrived, the Château was 30 minutes from closing and to make matters worse, the rain started to fall.


Luckily, Alexis had connections with the Château and they were kind enough to let us stay after hours for our engagement session. While the rain passed through, we took photos under the arcades of the Château. The relief of making it to our last appointment of the day, the empty grounds now that the Château had closed to the public, and the quiet pitter patter of the rain provided us with a sense of calm and we were finally able to relax after a whirlwind day.






It was amazing and very romantic to have the whole Château and its gardens all to ourselves.We ended up having a great time during the engagement session and we have great memories of this day. Many thanks to Alexis and Mickaël for all their graciousness!

Not only do we have great photos but our videographer made this video for us too… just ignore the cheesy part where we’re playing ‘hot hands’. I get super embarrassed when watching this part 🙂


Photos by Alexis Courraud.  Video by Myosotis Productions.

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