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How We’re Going Green At Home | Part II

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A couple years ago, the Frenchman and I started to think of how we could produce less waste in the home and live more sustainably in the city. We started with incorporating a few eco-friendly habits into our life and we’ve been adding more over the years. Here are a few more ways we’ve been going green.

Reusable Food Wraps

Rather than using plastic wrap, we’ve been using reusable food wraps. We have these Bee’s Wrap ones and also ones that my sister DIY’d. There are a lot of really cute options out there now with some fun designs. Or you can DIY them like my sister did.

Reusable Food Storage

Along with the reusable food wraps, we’ve been investing in reusable food storage containers. We’ve purchased more glass Pyrex containers to store leftovers. I also discovered these silicone food storage bags which have been another great option to store produce, cut veggies, and leftovers. The ones by Stasher are safe in the dishwasher, microwave, freezer, and sous vide.

Reusable Cotton Facial Rounds

I’ve also started to be conscientious of my beauty routine and instead of cotton balls, I purchased these reusable cotton rounds. The pack came with enough rounds for a week’s worth of use (I use two rounds a day, one in the morning and one in the evening) and then I throw it in the wash to clean them and they’re ready for a new week. I’ve been using these suction cups with hooks to hang the washable bag to the mirror for the dirty cotton rounds.

Reusable Period Care

TMI perhaps, but I’ve started using a reusable menstrual cup. I purchased mine from Saalt, although there are a couple companies and options out there. I had actually purchased it several months ago, but I had delayed its use because of the learning curve (I read that it’s easier to start using the cup at home with access to the shower). With the stay at home order due to COVID-19, it became the opportune moment to start. No doubt, it takes some time to get used to inserting and removing the cup… and it can get downright awkward. BUT it has been amazing to see the reduction in the amount of period products I’ve used – saving money and reducing waste.

Ever since having Bébé I find my period to be quite heavy for the first couple days. Although, the instructions state that you can use it for 12 hours, I found that I would need to empty the cup sooner on heavy flow days, so I wouldn’t feel comfortable using the cup when I’m not home on those days. But I’ll still plan on using the cup whenever I’m home or on those lighter flow days when I’m out and about.

Have you tried any of the products above? Do you have any other green living tips we can start using?

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  • Reply Ali Mahmood March 15, 2021 at 1:21 pm

    Such valuable tips you shared about how we go green at home. you are doing a good job because we need a good healthy environment for our health and future.

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