Happy New Year!

happy new year

2017 has been quite the eventful year. Much of it full of happy moments, albeit quite stressful and time consuming (talking about the wedding planning here). Now is the time to be looking ahead to the new year.

I’m not big on new year’s resolutions/goals. I always forget about them after a few months and most of the time, my resolutions are generic. For example: enjoy life, workout more, see friends/family more often, blog more (haha).  I thought that this year, I’d try to be more specific and make my resolutions more actionable.  Here are a few ideas I’m currently working on:

  • Do an LA activity at least once a month (go on a hike, visit a museum, take a cooking class, watch a performance, etc.)
  • Go out of town at least once every other month… maybe once every quarter?… I still have to gauge the financial feasibility of this one.
  • Host (or attend) a dinner party once a month (eating out doesn’t count). Last year, we hosted/attended 8 dinner parties, most of them were at a friend’s house because we found ourselves (and our home) overwhelmed by the wedding… invitations, diy crafts, and papers everywhere. I’d like to bring back the dinner party since I think we don’t have enough of them these days and for now once a month seems like a do-able number.

I’m sure my goals will continue to develop as 2018 goes by, but I’d like to keep the theme of getting out and spending time with loved ones.

Wishing everyone a wonderful 2018!

P.S. Would love to hear about some of your interesting projects and/or resolutions for the new year!

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