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Day Trip | Catalina Island

Catalina Island

Just an hour ferry ride away from Los Angeles is Santa Catalina Island, which makes it a perfect weekend destination for Southern Californians. But as a SoCal native, I haven’t visited the island… Until now.

Catalina Express offers free round trip rides on your birthday and this year my birthday fell on a Saturday. Coincidence? I think not.

Catalina Island

The island is full of different activities. Jeep Eco tours, snorkeling and scuba diving galore, zip lining, or you can just relax.

The Frenchman and I are big on water activities. If you took the water away from us, we might wither up and dry 😉
So we took this opportunity to go on a kayaking adventure, get some snorkeling in and I also prepared a picnic so that we could dine on a private beach romantic style.

Kayaking on Catalina

Picnicking can prove to be difficult when traveling by kayak.  Luckily, we have this dry bag backpack and I would highly recommend it if you like being on the water. We used it to pack our dry clothes, travel towels, and our picnic lunch.

For our lunch, we found a secluded beach just past Frog Rock (see the rock in the photo above shaped like a sitting frog?) which was a perfect way to spend the afternoon watching the boats and kayaks go by.

Catalina Houses

Afterwards, we spent the day walking around Avalon — enjoying ice cream (try Scoops — they’re the only ones with homemade ice cream), happy hour, and the cute little houses with parked golf carts.

We’ll definitely be going back since we only saw one small part of the island and there are lots more to discover. Have you been to Catalina? What did you do there and what would you recommend for our next visit?

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