• italian veal entree

    An Italian Dinner Party

    To start the new year, our dear friends, Sara and Tri, graciously invited us to their home for a dinner party featuring local Italian chef, Elio Cavallari. Elio and his wife, Luba, previously owned…

  • eco-friendly-life-at-home
    Home Lifestyle

    How We’re Going Green At Home

    The Frenchman and I have been trying to be more conscientious of our footprint and we’ve been increasing our efforts to live more eco-friendly.  Not only is it good for the environment… it’s good…

  • griffith_observatory
    California Travel

    Griffith Observatory

    One of the Frenchman’s best friends came to visit us from Belgium for a weekend stopover on his way to Las Vegas. It’s hard to decide what makes the cut for two days in…

  • fall beach day
    California Lifestyle Travel

    An Autumn Beach Day

    The great thing about living in Southern California is that the weather is temperate enough to allow for beachgoing all year round. And although it’s counterintuitive, my favorite time of the year to go…

  • Piece Montee Croquembouche

    Croquembouche: The French Wedding Cake

    It’s #weddingwednesday!  I’ll be posting about our destination wedding in France on Wednesdays.  As an event and wedding coordinator, it’s fun for me to share the process and I hope I can help out…

  • happy new year

    Happy New Year!

    2017 has been quite the eventful year. Much of it full of happy moments, albeit quite stressful and time consuming (talking about the wedding planning here). Now is the time to be looking ahead…

  • happy-thanksgiving
    Entertain Lifestyle

    Bon Thanksgiving!

    Happy Thanksgiving! Gathering family and friends around the table to eat delicious food and drink wine = the perfect holiday. Being with the Frenchman who didn’t grow up with this all-American tradition, I sort of…