• happy new year

    Happy New Year!

    2017 has been quite the eventful year. Much of it full of happy moments, albeit quite stressful and time consuming (talking about the wedding planning here). Now is the time to be looking ahead…

  • happy-thanksgiving
    Entertain Lifestyle

    Bon Thanksgiving!

    Happy Thanksgiving! Gathering family and friends around the table to eat delicious food and drink wine = the perfect holiday. Being with the Frenchman who didn’t grow up with this all-American tradition, I sort of…

  • Lifestyle

    Our Annual Holiday Cards

    I love snail mail (both receiving and sending).  The three major occasions I send out cards is for birthdays, thank yous, and for the holidays.  I always look forward to the end of the…

  • paris france

    Deciding where to have our French wedding

    When the Frenchman and I got engaged, there was no question of where we would get married — France. We chose France because it’s the Frenchman’s home country with a majority of his friends…

  • Eucalyptus Wreath DIY
    DIY Lifestyle

    DIY Eucalyptus Wreath

    Fall… my favorite time of year. Crisp air, scarf and boot weather, leaves changing, pumpkin flavored everything.  Who am I kidding? We don’t get any of that in LA… except the pumpkins everywhere.  But…

  • Wedding first look

    Just Married!

    The Frenchman and I got hitched 2 weeks ago in the Loire Valley. It was an amazing wedding as we celebrated the whole weekend with family and friends. I must admit, we’re still on…