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Bon Thanksgiving!


Happy Thanksgiving! Gathering family and friends around the table to eat delicious food and drink wine = the perfect holiday.

Being with the Frenchman who didn’t grow up with this all-American tradition, I sort of had to “force” Thanksgiving on him (although if you ask the French, they would argue they have a Thanksgiving-esque meal every Sunday).

Every year, we usually have two Thanksgiving meals — one with family and one with friends.  We typically host a Friendsgiving and invite our non-American friends so they can partake in the celebratory gathering.  I enjoy sharing this meal with non-Americans and having them discover the meaning of the holiday and the traditional dishes that evoke wonderful childhood memories.

We both enjoy the communal aspect of the holiday and that it’s centered around food, and while Thanksgivings have definitely changed since I was a child, I like that new traditions have been created from the old.

Wishing you a beautiful Thanksgiving!  Bon appétit!

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