Hello! Bonjour et bienvenue!

I decided to create this space to share my ideas on making the everyday more eventful… from dinner parties, home decor, picnics, travel and life.  And I wouldn’t be here today without my Frenchman who taught me the art of a proper French meal and joie de vivre.

The story: Girl meets boy. Boy is French – ohlala! Boy and girl fall in love.

Which leads me to why I’m here in the blogosphere:

We like entertaining.  I have always loved entertaining.  I love being surrounded by people and making sure everyone is having a great time and whenever we’ve had friends over, they say, “You should write about this”.  So… this website is dedicated to my friends — past, present and future.

Eating and drinking. Food is one of the easiest and best ways to get people together. And when there are drinks involved it can make for a great time. The Frenchman and I met while drinking… story of how every couple gets together, right? But actually, we both worked in the wine industry and that heavenly juice brought us together.

I’m learning to like cooking.  I was not a fan of cooking while growing up and I’m still not the biggest fan. But once the Frenchman and I moved in together, I started to make dinner at home and I realized… I don’t like cooking for myself, I like cooking for others.  And since then, I’ve embraced my kitchen… and hey, I think I’m getting pretty good.  But you don’t need to be a good cook to entertain at home.  Trust me, your real friends will eat burned food.

And on that note, enjoy and stay awhile.  Santé!


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